Organizational Culture
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Cultural Analysis

The Cultural Analysis Kit for Trainers and Facilitators
A toolkit to start the process of organizational evaluation and renewal

Designed by Jack Pachuta, the instrument is based upon the ranking of 19 statements that give a perspective of how a culture functions, and can be completed and scored in 10 to 12 minutes.

With a practical, easy-to-use instrument, your staff members will acquire a new perspective on how your organization functions.The kit is a system for recording the attitudes and beliefs that people exhibit within an organization. It is designed to be incorporated into a larger program about organizational culture, change management or team building.
The Cultural Analysis Kit for Trainers and Facilitators

What it does:

-  It is a vehicle to start the process of organizational evaluation and improvement.

-  It can enable a facilitator to make comparisons among various departments and functions.

In the Cultural Analysis packet, you'll receive:

-  The four-page Cultural Analysis in a reproducible format,

-  Instructions on how to use the Analysis within your organization,

-  Workbook pages that explain the results, and
-  Unlimited use of the Analysis for one year.     

How it works

The 19 items in the Cultural Analysis categorize the belief system of your organization into one of three types of cultures, Control, Communications or Contentment. Use the Analysis with different departments and various job responsibilities to compare and contrast the viewpoints of diverse groups of staff members. 

What happens next

The results become a catalyst for meaningful discussions and comprehensive action plans. To help your decision making, Preview the Cultural Culture Kit by clicking HERE.

 Cultural Analysis Kit for $59, Click HERE.

To order The Cultural Analysis Kit as a
HARD COPY for $79 (plus shipping), Click HERE.

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